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Many minds – one passion: Water

Our values and visions: The family business Winkler Pool & Spa Technology

Winkler Pool & Spa Technology has over 30 years of experience in the field, which makes it one of the leading certified South Tyrolean specialists in the implementation of pools and saunas. A total of ten highly trained employees work tirelessly every day to complete your pool, sauna or steam bath.

Since Winkler Pools was founded in the early 1980s we have stayed true to our values and demand for high quality standards. After we’ve completed hundreds of pool and spa projects, each and every one of them on time, we know exactly what counts in the end: An output in which every detail is in its right place.

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Christian Winkler

CEO, Master craftsman for heating & sanitation engineering and Technical Control Board certified pool builder

Our CEO Christian Winker is leading the business in the second generation and is a real jack-of-all-trades: Master craftsman for heating and sanitation engineering, TCB certified pool builder, consultant for climate, pool and spa technology as well as sauna & solar technician and last but not least head of customer service. Christian Winkler joined the business in 2002 and took on more and more responsibilities over the years. Ten years later he took over the business from his father.

Today Christian is mostly responsible for construction site and company management as well as customer acquisition. He is a perfectionist that always makes sure every detail is done right. His passion for technology always brings new innovations, like for example the app “Winkler Pooltechnik”.

Josef & Elisabeth Winkler

Founders of Winkler Pool & Spa technology

Christian’s father Josef Winkler founded the company in the mid 80s. He is still a big supporter and always there if Christian ever needs advice or help with technical questions. His life motto is “a rolling stone gathers no moss”, and so Josef still enjoys learning about new technologies at international swimming pool and spa facilities fairs. Is experience is of priceless value for the business.

His wife, Elisabeth Winkler, supports her husband ever since the company was founded: She is very outcome oriented, takes care of finances and works in the office.

Our Team

Your South Tyrolean pool and spa experts

The friendly voice that welcomes you at Winkler Pool & Spa technology belongs to Margit, our beloved secretary. Andreas is in charge of purchases and technical executions. Wolfgang and Tom are our head-workmen and coordinate the work teams. William works on the planning, assembly and execution of the building sites. The customer care is headed by our senior partner and our service technicians Roman and Karl.

We won’t disappear after our job is done: We’re always there for you! To us, each and every one of our projects is the basis of starting a future together. In Lana, our place of business, we have all the spare parts, accessories and water care products you might need. We look forward to welcoming you, either in person or on the phone!

Dive in & unwind

Winkler pools. Your pools.