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Pools & Whirlpools

Building pools: Individual design,
planning and execution

We’ll build your high quality, long lived and innovative indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools and hotel pools, in South Tyrol and beyond. No project is like the last, because every pool is made to fit the individual need of the customer.

After a thorough personal consultation and finding the right budget solution, we start the planning. First we’ll make a photo realistic 3D visualisation of the pool, then we start to build the project as swiftly as possible. We also offer the design of the ground plan and cuts as a separate service, if desired.
After the construction is done we will remain in contact as a trustworthy partner. Our services include the yearly initiation, the upkeep and the maintenance of your pool.

Water attractions & lighting

From simple pool to full fledged water park: Waterfalls, massage stations, waterfall showers, countercurrent systems, waterslides… and much more!

Make the most of your pool with our special water attractions!
Maybe you can get a countercurrent system that gives you an exciting swimming canal and will make anyone that wants to stay fit in the pool happy. Why not try a waterfall shower? It’s very relaxing for your neck and shoulders. Afterwards you can lie down in a whirlpool lounger, it will revive your muscles! Or maybe you’re looking for a water slide, a flow channel, a waterfall or a giant water sprouting mushroom – kids love them! Contemporary design highlights, like for example pool walls made of glass, give your pool that certain je ne sais quoi. Paired with the right light arrangement, the pool will become the center of attention! Thanks to an atmospheric underwater lighting, in a colour of your choosing, you’ll have an extraordinary swimming experience.

Wonderful spa & sauna worlds from South Tyrol

From concept to execution: Steam baths and saunas for private clients and hotels

Your sauna from South Tyrol, made to measure: We build carefully planned wellness concepts for private clients and hotel owners. We’re there with you every step of the way: from the idea, to technical planning, to building your new spa and wellness facilities.

Our long standing experience allows us to find a solution to any situation and any budget. Outside, inside, wrapped around a corner… anything is possible!
Next to finnish saunas and steam baths we also build “Vitarien” and salt grottos, as well as complex wellness facilities for hotels – perfectly adapted to fit your house. High quality materials, made from the leading producers and top of the notch sauna technology are our norm. Every detail is right – from special vitrification to atmospheric lighting – anything to create unforgettable moments.

Pool & Spa technology from South Tyrol

The smart pool: less energy,
less chlorine and less maintenance!

Contemporary swimming pool technology: We plan especially efficient filter systems and water treatment plants. We only use durable components made by high quality producers and perfectly adapt the different technologies. All for your best swimming experience! Top of the notch filter technology minimises the chemical and maintenance work.

To make sure that both you as a first time client and we as your pool technicians are always in full control of what’s going on with your pool, we’ve developed the app “Winkler Poolcontrol”. This app for your smartphone or tablet will give you a great overview to all the important data, such as the pH value, and allows you an intuitive control system of your pool, like for example the heating. The app also informs our employees about errors in the system and if anything runs empty – before you notice anything. If the chlorine is running low we will refill it, without having to contact you. The intelligent pool control enables the optimum use of water care products and an especially low energy use. The wellness technology we use is just as innovative: Low energy usage through steam generation, thanks to top of the notch ovens, and optimised insulation and ventilation. Our control systems for wellness and spa facilities are very intuitive and easy to use.

Dive in & unwind

Winkler pools. Your pools.