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Soft pool water without the chlorine smell? Here’s how it’s done: the expert weighs in

If you want to feel like you’re swimming in freshwater, you’ll need professional pool cleaning and competent water maintenance.
A well thought through and coordinated interplay of physical and chemical arrangements is key to soft pool water that has a neutral scent. In the following texts, pool and spa technician Christian Winkler will explain the differences between the various extraction methods of pool water.


The filtration is the mechanical purification of the pool water. The visible and almost visible pollutants, including the flakes (and the colloidal particles within the flakes) that develop through the added flocculant are held back on the surface of the filter bed, and partially even in the depth of the filter bed.

The efficiency of the filter depends on its size: The bigger the surface – and accordingly the filter diameter – the further the way through the sand layers (high layer filter) and the better the purification effect. Through an optimal positioning of the filter, even the smallest suspended solids up to the size of 0,01 mm are filtered out. This includes shed skin, dust, plant parts, spores, organic substances, microorganisms, etc. Through the combination with the flocculation even colloids – i.e. fats, oils, creams, slime, tallow, saliva, germs, humic substances… (and other tiny compounds in the water that are not visible to the naked eye) up to the size of 1 / 1000 mm will be filtered out.

The results speak for themselves. The more dirt is filtered out and then flushed back through the filter to be disposed of, the less chlorine you have to use. In reverse conclusion this means: less bound chlorine, or rather, no chlorine smell in the pool.

Salt water

The electrolysis system produces the user friendly sodium hydroxide (NaC1O) automatically and on-site, through salt and electricity. This disinfectant consists of a chemical compound which is made of sodium, chlorine and oxygen. Even if the effective and oxidizing chlorine compound is part of the process, it does not emanate any smell, as it is produced on location and only when needed. The treatment is eco friendly and safe to operate.
Since the sodium hypochlorite which is produced is neutral to a large extent, the acid usage to regulate the pH is reduced. The water feels soft and does not irritate eyes and skin. In contrast to our product, store bought chlorine is highly alkaline (in order to extend its shelf life).

Chlorine free water

Water treatment through “oxygen” works as follows: oxygen cutting compounds, like for example hydrogen peroxide or persulphate, are used as oxidant and disinfectants. It is not the molecular oxygen (O2) – which is also contained in our breathing air – that is oxidant and disinfectant, but an oxygen radical. The disinfectant and oxidation effect happens very soon after adding the agent, since this oxygen radical is very quickly recombined into molecular oxygen. Calling it “Oxygen-Method” is a bit flawed, as with this procedure (same as with every other purification method) a chemical is added and not only pure oxygen. Since this water treatment only has limited depot effect, it is not permitted in public pools.

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